The living and dynamic truth of Islam, which has been established from the source of God's world on the scene of the Prophet's Sinai (pbuh) and the peak of the Qur'anic forest, and from it on the branch of the blessedness of Atrat Tahira (peace be upon him), is the vital water that has made the thirst of the human world full of water and is near A true lover gives a home.
Finding the path to this pure truth and revelations requires a scientific course and a practical conduct that only pure and pure souls who are safe from the filth of error and the filth of sin can achieve scientific certainty or scientific certainty and this is not possible except for human qualities. who has followed these teachings for many years and has flown in pursuit of the revelatory thought so that he can trust God and hope for His mercy to put his heart on the holy book from the light sockets in the merciful tour.
Now that the only door of Islam is guarded in the shell of the system of the Islamic Republic of Iran, it is on the authority of the Islamic Ummah, that each of them in turn strives to show its golden image and remove the rusts of misguidance and ignorance, and they have this heavenly light burning and eternal in the space of the human world.
Achieving this divine ideal and the expanse of heavenly light, especially in the current conditions, is not possible except through the formation and integration of authentic Islamic research forces, because it is in this kind of research circles that the various dimensions of the supreme truth of Islam are better and more known and elite and efficient forces are cultivated and Valuable and vital works are presented to the world of humanity.

With regard to the breadth and depth of the great thoughts of Hakim Farzaneh, the respected scientist of Hazrat Ayatollah Javadi Amoli (Dam Zaleh) as a religious and scientific authority as well as a Muslim professor and thinker in various fields of Islamic sciences and renowned in the field of interpretation and jurisprudence. - wisdom - mysticism and innovative and civilization-building ideas and considering that during the era of the Islamic system, His Holiness' thoughts were always in the direction of strengthening the pillars and foundations of the system, and in the last three decades, his strategic thoughts and clear viewpoints, and his depth, were always effective and decisive. Is; Isra International Foundation for Revelation Sciences was established under the guidance of His Highness and to achieve the following goals.

Objectives of the foundation

Explaining, promoting and deepening Islamic sciences in various fields;
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Creating, developing and deepening scientific and research capacities in the mentioned fields;
Confirming and consolidating the theoretical foundations and scientifically strengthening the theoretical foundations of Islamic government and defending pure Islamic transcendental ideas;
Responding to the civilizational needs of the Islamic world;
Expanding and increasing interactions and scientific communication, especially among elites in the mentioned fields

The pillars of the foundation
Ma'araj Research Institute of Revelation
World Higher Education Organization of Esra Seminary Sciences
Isra Cultural Research Institute
Isra International Translation and Publishing Center



Other affiliated centers

Esra's loan fund
This fund, officially licensed by the Islamic Republic of Iran Bank in 2018, was established and operated by taking advantage of the ideas of Grand Ayatollah Javadi Amoli in the direction of developing and promoting the good tradition of charitable lending and financial support for academic elites, professors and other needy people. It started its activities under number 2535. In addition to paying interest-free loans, this fund seriously follows the needs of weak and needy families. Electronic services on two platforms, the Internet and mobile banking, complying with international standards to facilitate online and integrated communication of members with the banking system are among the services of the fund.


Esra printing and packaging center
​​​​​​​Since the beginning of the 1980s, Esra printing center, with a cultural approach and considering its mission, which was and is the expansion of Islamic sciences and knowledge, in a land with an area of 3700 square meters and a substructure of 2100 square meters, in compliance with all the necessary standards was built in Qom province. Simultaneously with the publication of works in the aforementioned fields and according to the needs and conditions of the day, the development of the printing house was considered in terms of activities, machinery and human resources, and in this regard, in the early nineties, with the installation of four and a half sheet printing machines, a big step was made in the hardware development and activities of this center, not only at the level of Qom province but also at the level of the country.