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Introducing Isra's information base:
Isra's information bases, which were established with the aim of promoting the intellectual foundations of Grand Ayatollah Javadi Amoli, have been responsible for providing information in the field of religious sciences, with a focus on the thoughts and works of His Holiness, and the works, information and news. It provides users with audio, video and written information about them.
Considering the diverse sites affiliated with the different departments of Isra International Foundation for Revelation Sciences and the necessity of their integration and ease of access for users to all departments and activities of the foundation and its affiliated centers through one portal, the comprehensive portal design of Isra's sites to The Esra.ir address has been launched.
Also, comprehensive management, consistent graphics, higher security, coordination and avoidance of parallel work, upgrading the quality and quantity of sites are among the advantages of launching a comprehensive portal of Isra's sites.